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Pyme Manager Ópticas is an informative software designed for ophthalmology business management that covers all the management needs of these kinds of companies, keeping track of customers, suppliers, budgets, and prices.

This software has a very clean and intuitive interface that is easy to use, including a menu on the left-hand side which includes all the available options. From this menu, you can control the functions of the main page.

Pyme Manager Ópticas is designed to manage appointments and schedule reviews with clients, make documents for patients with all their personal data and medical records, create immediate invoices, keep track of orders, and use SMS alerts to remind patients of appointment times.

This software also includes features for business accounting, so you can keep an account of the day's transactions and control all the costs together with delivery notices for the prices of frames, glasses, and contact lenses.

- Compatible with touchscreens, bar code scanners, and thermal printers.


- Trial version for up to 150 tickets.

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